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The name Palmizana has become a byword for quality, peace and tranquility, a true escape from the stress of modern life. It has become a haven for people of all walks of life, popular with celebrities who are free to relax away from prying cameras.

Year 1925, first terrace

Year 1925, first terrace

While modern Palmizana may attract illustrious visitors these days, its origins were born in blood, sweat and tears, as the grandfather of the current owner of Toto’s started tourism on the island in 1906, an island which then had no water or electricity, but an abundance of natural beauty and peace and quiet – attractions which exist to this day, but with the additional benefits of modern conveniences.

The work of founder Professor Eugen Meneghello was continued by his son Toto and wife Dagmar, who arrived in 1965, to turn Palmizana into one of Croatia’s premier and most sought-after resorts. Toto’s restaurant is owned and run by Eugen Toto and his sons, and it is waterfront location, combined with its leafy and spacious exterior, fresh food and affordable prices, has made it a desirable eatery for day trippers and sailors alike.